For over thirty years, southern Oregon native Jack Brown has fought for our liberty in the political arena and our prosperity in the economic arena.  The videos at the links below will help you understand Jack's vision and zeal for your property rights and his enthusiasm to reign in the 'tax and spend' bureaucrats of Josephine County.  

    Click here to see a video tape of Jack Brown from a candidate forum hosted by the JBS at the Fruitdale Grange back on September 18, 2008.  Click here to see a video tape of Jack Brown from another candidate forum hosted by the JBS at the Redwood Grange on July 8, 2008.  

    You can also click here to see a video tape interview of Jack Brown by Michelle Binker of the Illinois Valley News on May 2, 2008.  Next click here to see a video tape of Jack Brown's speech at Josephine County's second Tea Party held on September 12, 2009.  

Jack Brown is committed to:

(1) putting law enforcement funding first.

(2) preventing adoption of an appointed county manager.

(3) opposing new taxing districts.

(4) supporting local property owners' rights against Salem's bureaucracy.

(5) respecting the voters' charter amendments including the limitation of commissioner compensation to $30,000 (instead of over $90,000).

(6) adopting a justice of the peace court system to keep more of the money generated by fines in our county, as Douglas County does.

(7) removing the county from competition with private enterprise in areas like road-building and vehicle maintenance, liquidating the assets accumulated while running these programs in the past to finance future contracts with private enterprise.

(8) selling unproductive properties held by the county to generate operating revenue.

(9) releasing taxpayers from the burden of nice-to-have nonessential programs like parks and libraries by turning them over to management by 'nonprofits' as the YMCA does the county swimming pool.

(10) forcing the state to take back all un-funded mandates it has placed on our county, e.g. the district court, district attorney, building and safety, and animal control, then renting the buildings currently in use by those programs to the state agencies at fair market value to generate an income stream for essential county services.

(11) demanding 'in-lieu-of property tax' payments from the federal government for lands it unconstitutionally controls in our county, while working to secure those residential, agricultural, mineral, timber, and tourist resources to benefit all county residents.

Ask your friends and neighbors to join you in voting for the candidate with character, common sense, and courage.

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