As I stated to Oregon Firearms Federation, I have always enthusiastically supported the right of the people to be armed for their defense individually and collectively.  The right to keep and bear arms logically flows from the right to life itself and certainly is necessary to the protection of our property.  Self defense, or self preservation, requires that you be able to respond in kind and with greater force to any threat against your person. 

    Criminals and tyrants both fear armed victims.  I have heard it said that, at minimum, anything you can carry is anticipated by the writers of the Second Amendment.  I absolutely agree with that.  (The use of canons to protect from pirates along the coast or on the high seas was also undoubtedly included in their thinking.)  Beyond that I believe that anyone who is breathing, even someone who has a prior conviction of any kind, is entitled to defend themselves, except from execution for a capital crime of which they are found guilty by a jury of their peers.  (Let me hasten to say that while they are incarcerated, they have temporarily abrogated their right of self-defense by the crime they committed, but they better be defended from bullies even in there and even if the bully wears a uniform.) 

   As the amendment says - SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.  I would like to see Josephine County have a Vermont-style concealed/carry ordinance and I would work for that as a Josephine County Commissioner. 


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