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if you want to help Jack's campaign, just copy and paste the following into an e-mail and send it to all your friends:


    Though the Daily Courier didn't see it as news, Jack Brown filed for the May 2010 Primary Election ballot on September 14, 2009, for the county commissioner seat currently held by Dave Toler.  He did so by petition, gathering (in one weekend) half again the necessary signatures, rather than paying a filing fee.  Though there are others who had been considering the seat as well (and Dave has since announced that he will seek reelection) Jack was the first candidate to file for this position.

    Jack Brown has pledged himself to defend our rights, develop our resources, and conserve our tax dollars.  He is obviously the right choice, even as Dave Toler is the left choice.  This contest will give the voters a real choice.

    Jack Brown has a long campaign ahead of him, with the goal of getting a majority vote in the Primary, eliminating the need to campaign until November 2010.  His goal is realistic in view of the name familiarity he enjoys at this point from his previous race.  Consider that he received 16,505 votes in his contest with the incumbent Dwight Ellis in the 2008 General Election.  (A shift of 600 votes would have made Jack the winner in that race.)  Then consider that Dave Toler received only 15,210 votes in the 2006 General Election, with no one else on the ballot.

    Jack has redesigned his website to make it more appealing.  Some of his supporters had been encouraging him to do this for a while.  His campaign committee has been meeting regularly to develop strategies.  They have already gotten a number of supporter letters to the editor of the IV News and the Daily Courier.  He has already paid for a sixteen week series of ads in the IV News that began with the first issue in 2010.  All of this began four months earlier than his campaign started for the 2008 Primary Election where Jack surprised the Establishment by coming in second and forcing a runoff.

    If you want to see him succeed, Jack Brown invites you to join in helping his campaign.  There are things you can do to help that will cost you nothing:

    (1) You can forward this email to any friends and relatives of yours in Josephine County.

   (2) You can add reference to his website in all your emails.  Just put this (or something like it) under your name on all your email:  "Jack Brown for Commissioner - www.jackbrown.org"

    (3) You can place a bumper sticker on your vehicle.

    (4) You can put up a yard sign at your home or place of business, or a poster in the window.

    (5) You can gather your friends in your home for Jack to meet.

    (6) You can hand out literature or even Jack's political business card to people you know.

    (7) You can divert up to $50 of your Oregon income tax payment to Jack's campaign twice -- in 2009 by December 31st, and again in 2010, starting with January 1st.  You can double this to $100 if you are married filing jointly.  (For details look at Jack's website, but remember this is NOT money you can spend on yourself.  It is NOT money you can give to a church or nonprofit organization -- it IS money your wonderful Democrat legislature in Salem will spend for you otherwise!)  Be sure to make your check payable to Jack Brown P.A.C.  Include your occupation and employer on the memo line.  Mail it to Jack at 745 NE 12th Street, Grants Pass OR 97526, or give him a call and he will send someone to pick it up.

    Following the 2008 General Election up through the filing deadline of March 9, 2010, Jack received $7980.32 in contributions.  He continues to receive contributions.  Compare this to the $3530 raised in the entire 2008 primary election cycle, where he didn't start until the filing deadline in March of 2008.  (Some of this paid for the recount, which cost $2337.15, and some of this retired the final $810.00 of campaign debt from the 2008 General Election.  The rest is being put to work with newspaper ads and yard signs.) Consider that the contributions Jack received in 2008 for the Primary and General Elections combined  totaled $13,925.52.  We are hoping he can raise at least $15,000 this time before the 2010 Primary. This equals 300 (of the 16,000+ who voted for Jack last time) giving $50 apiece.  Some have given more; some have given less, but money in any amount, big or small, is very important (humanly speaking) in the political process.  

    (8) Last, but NOT least, you can pray.

    Jack can be reached on his cell phone at 541-659-4313 or by e-mail at jackbrown@jackbrown.org.  In closing, Jack's message is "Honor God, Defend the Family, Restore the Republic."