Educational freedom of choice (eliminate compulsory education statutes)

          When we talk about freedom of choice in the matter of education, we must define who is making that choice.  Some would argue that the teacher should be making the choice as a matter of academic freedom.  Others might retort that the student should be deciding what he is to learn.

          If we view the big picture we see that there is the principle of contracting planted squarely in the middle of the issue. Who is providing the service, who is securing the service, and who is benefiting from the service?  (The parents of underaged children are the ultimate beneficiaries of the education that their children receive. You may not appreciate that statement until you reach your so-called golden years!)  

          The teacher is under contract with someone to provide a service. The contract must spell out the service being contracted for, and that will limit the 'academic freedom' of the teacher. If the education is being secured by the parents of underaged children, then the parents are the other parties of the contract, but if the student is of age, the student is the other party of the contract. The freedom of choice, then, is in the right to contract or not to contract for a particular service. In the case of underaged children, the contract must spell out satisfactorily the details of the relationship between the parents and the educators of their children.

          The majority of the participating voters of this state, through initiatives and through their elected representatives, have forcibly taken away the rights of parents to oversee the upbringing of their children, and have also restricted their rights to contract.  We can only remedy the situation when we repeal all compulsory education statutes and eliminate mandatory public financing of education.

          Check out a nationwide organization working for the "separation of school and state" -- The Separation of School and State Alliance, located at  Those who argue for the separation of church and state should consider that education always involves morality and a standard of right and wrong  -- that involves religion in its purest form!

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