The right-to-work and cottage industries

         There are two important ingredients in any productive endeavor that must be a matter of choice within the bounds of the rights of other people:   association and location.  I contend that every person employed in the services of another should do so on the basis of an voluntary contractual relationship and that one should be able to decide on the best use of one's land.

         Unionism is a form of contractual relationship, but unfortunately it is for the most part an involuntary relationship forced on the employees of a business by the previous employees.  I have no problem with voluntary union association, where all the members speak as one to the employer, but to force him to deal with them only is to deny him his right to freely associate with whoever he will.  Unionism -- as it is -- does much the same for wages that zoning does for the price of real estate.  It limits the market and artificially drives up the price.  Is it any wonder that most unionists oppose people working in their own homes?  (Check out the National Right to Work Foundation website!)

         Anything that limits the market and enriches one, does so at the expense of another.  You may like to be on the receiving end, but remember that statistically you will be on the other end most of the time, often in ways that you don't even realize.  The increase that one enjoys adds to the cost of everything you consume. Most people are not upper or middle class anymore for that very reason.  

         When you tell someone they cannot make gloves in their home, for example, every trade that utilizes gloves has to pass on the extra cost of that higher priced ingredient in their work place.  You pay more for lumber to build your house, yes, but you also pay more for everything that is produced in a building constructed of lumber.  It is compounded by the fact that those people have to charge more for their product so they can afford your product for which you have charged more so that you could afford their product, and on and on and on....

         Freedom of choice in the use of your land and your productive associations would reduce the cost of everything more and more and more...   Give freedom a chance to give back to you!

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