Restore our Constitutional Republic

          To my way of thinking one of the highest forms of common law is the contractual relationship. (It is easy for a jury to determine if a contract has been violated when the terms are spelled out and the circumstances are examined.)  There are many who are awakening to the concept of common law and the common law jury.  Some of them do not follow their premises to the logical conclusion when they decry the Constitution.  Constitutional law is contract law, for a constitution is a contract!  It is the consent of the governed that makes it a contract.   (I know, under-age persons who cannot vote have not given their consent yet, but they can vote with their feet when they can run faster than their parents!)

         Our federal union was formed by a contract entered into by the people, through their authorized representatives. Every holder of an office created by that contract takes an oath to uphold and defend  that contract.  Their authority to act on behalf of the people is spelled out in the contract. Anything they do in contradiction to that contract has no more authority than the act of any common criminal.  We have widespread disregard for the contract.  (This is not to say that I view the contract as perfect, but provision has been made for its orderly revision and we should show the proper respect for it until those needed changes have been made.)  We can only survive as a free people if we act with integrity and restore our Constitutional Republic by insisting on integrity in the those serving as our public servants. They must honor their oath or stand trial for perjury.