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Meet Jack Brown, Jack Brown, & Jack Brown!

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Jack A Brown, retired Letter Carrier & owner of Brown Piano Service

Jack Alan Brown Jr, President of Family Enterprises Ltd dba Auto Doc & the Political Mechanic of Oregon!

Jack Alan Brown III, President of JAB3 Corp, Building Contractor

          Jack A Brown has been a resident of the Rogue Valley since his family moved here from El Monte, California in 1934. (His father was involved in real estate and the building trade before coming and continued in that line of work here.) Jack is a retired civil service employee, having served this area as a letter carrier and a piano technician for many years. As a piano technician he tuned pianos for a veritable list of who's who in the valley.

         Jack Alan Brown Jr, a conservative Rogue Valley native, is serving you as Auto Doc and as a political activist. He has proposed initiatives to reform government, both state and local, and has given you an alternative for which to vote in more than one race.

        Jack Brown III, is a home-schooled second-generation native of Grants Pass. He followed in the footsteps of his great grandfather, getting into the building trade while still in his teens. He now owns an incorporated construction firm. If you need something built, he can be reached at 659-1703

meet Jack Brown Jr....     

Native Oregonian

    Born here in 1948, Jack Alan Brown Jr has called the Rogue Valley home all his life.  The community knows and respects his father, Jack Brown, a retired postman and piano tuner.


    Jack graduated with honors from New Hope Christian School in 1966, and followed this with one year at Prairie Bible Institute. An avid reader, he has been a diligent, self-taught student of history and current events. Jack understands our business climate, that we need to free our businessmen from regulations hindering job creation.  He knows we need adequate law enforcement. Jack knows we need real tax reform (tax reduction!) and election reform. He knows that our children need quality education. Jack knows that we must protect our environment -- including people! Jack has been outspoken in support of retaining Savage Rapids Dam.

Working Man & Businessman

    Jack has seen the economy both as an employee and an employer. He entered the work force in 1967 bucking hay for farmers. Next he was employed by the M & Y Lumber Co, a small lumber mill in Selma, Oregon. This was followed by employment at Grants Pass Molding Co. of Grants Pass and Rough & Ready Lumber Co. of Cave Junction. His final timber related employment was working a decade as a saw filer at Spalding & Son of Grants Pass.

    In 1979 Jack began a sideline called Auto Doc (a mobile auto repair business), which grew into a full time business in the following year. In 1991 he incorporated under the name Family Enterprises, Ltd., when he was joined in business by his brother-in-law, and he continues to do business as Auto Doc. Jack has thousands of satisfied customers, ask your neighbor!

Family Man

    Jack and Mary were married in September of 1970.  His one-and-only "better half" is a world class citizen, having lived and gone to school in the Belgian Congo and in Ethiopia as the child of missionary parents, as well as to schools stateside. She graduated both from Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland, Oregon and Southern Oregon State College in Ashland, Oregon. For thirty-nine (plus) years she, has been a source of encouragement to him in all his endeavors. She seems to have an unending list of abilities, but not enough time to exercise them!

    Jack and Mary did some world traveling in the Seventies, visiting her folks who were directing a school at the ELWA radio station located at Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa. Having seen Spain, Great Britain, and other points between Liberia and the USA, Jack appreciates his home in Southern Oregon very much. Jack and Mary have a thirty-one year old son, Jack Alan Brown, III (aka Jay), and a twenty-six year old daughter, Katee, both of whom they home schooled from day one and who have received their G.E.D.'s.  (Katee attended Pensacola Christian College for nurse's training.)

    Jay is a hard working young man!  When he was younger he had his own paper route with the Grants Pass Daily Courier and worked for Taco Bell.  Next Jay began working for some home builders and acquired his contractor's license. Now he is an incorporated general contractor.  Jay also has a black belt in one of the martial arts.  I must not forget the four grand children, Atarah, Tabitha, Jael & Ethan, that Jay and his wife have given us.  They keep Mary busier than ever!  

    Katee is a bright young lady. She has enjoyed riding her horse, training her dog, playing the piano and violin, reading, and practicing her homemaking skills. Before finishing her nurse's training she married her true love, a Canadian who also has American citizenship.  She is now the mother of our second grandson, Micah.  

Man of Conviction & Action

    A God-fearing man, Jack has been very active in each of the area churches that he has attended as an adult over the years: Grants Pass Mennonite Church, Provolt Community Church, Wonder Bible Chapel, Foots Creek Chapel, Redwood Country Church, and Blessed Hope Fellowship.  For over forty years he has served almost nonstop as one or more of the following: Youth Leader, choir member, song leader, Sunday School Superintendent, teacher, Church Board Member, or Elder. Jack has served as Chairman of the Board at two of these churches. He is currently attending both Wonder Bible Chapel and Blessed Hope Fellowship. (He would invite you to stop by for some fellowship.)  

    Jack was instrumental in starting a song-fellowship of several area churches that has continued for several years.  On the first Sunday evening of each month at 6:00 P.M. you will find him at one of the following churches enjoying an hour or so of congregational-choice hymnal singing interspersed with special music that various ones bring:  Grace Bible Church, Murphy Chapel, Redwood Country Church, Shan Creek Community Bible Church, Blessed Hope Fellowship, Provolt Community Church, or Wonder Bible Chapel.  You can call to find out which one is 'on' if you wish to join in.  Other churches are welcome to join in the circle, too.

    Jack has also been active in two organizations especially dedicated to a more informed electorate: The John Birch Society, which he served as a chapter leader for two different local chapters; and Oregon Citizens Alliance, which he has served as County Deputy Director and County Director in Josephine County.

    Jack has been strongly supportive of pro life activities, as well as activities defending our 2nd Amendment Rights, in Josephine County and he has spoken out against the abuse of our rights by government agencies such as LCDC, OSHA and EPA.

Independent Statesman

    In the Seventies, Jack was active as a Democrat, serving several consecutive terms as an elected precinct committeeperson in that party's county Central Committee. Jack helped the conservative element of the party take control of the Josephine County Democratic Party Central Committee.  He was involved in an unsuccessful attempt to move the platform of the State Democratic Party toward traditional values and Constitutional government. Jack received widespread support as he sought the Democratic nomination to County Commissioner ('76), US Senator ('78), and State Senator, District #25 ('80).

    In the Eighties, Jack shifted to the Republican Party because he agreed with its conservative rhetoric. He not only served several terms as an elected precinct committeeperson, but also served as Chairman of the Josephine County Republican Party Central Committee. He sought the Republican nomination in 1992 for the office of State Representative for District #49. His involvement in the Republican Party made him aware that the rhetoric of its leadership was mostly just that, and he moved on disillusioned.

    In 1994, Jack became involved in the American Party of Oregon and he received that party's nomination for State Representative. For the following two years he put his efforts into helping make it become a tool for mainstream Americans to use to overtake and rein in runaway government. He served for a time as the Chairman of Josephine County American Party and in various positions of responsibility in that party's state organization. In 1996, he again received that party's nomination but, when the Reform Party of Ross Perot took over the American Party of Oregon, Jack declined the nomination, severed his ties with that organization, and looked for another alternative to "Republicrats." He tried the Libertarian Party of Oregon and he received their nomination for State Representative. Though he is sympathetic with them, Jack was not entirely satisfied with the Libertarian Party platform. In 1998 he ran for State Representative, registered as an independent.

    Now it is 2010 and, for the last nine plus years, Jack has been involved in the Constitution Party of Oregon. His platform and philosophy is the same as the day he entered the struggle in 1976. Jack is still defending our God-given, Constitutionally-guaranteed rights and fighting for the restoration of the republican form of government given to us by our Founding Fathers.

Citizen Legislator

    Because of involvement with OCA, Jack became chief petitioner for an initiative overwhelmingly approved by Grants Pass voters in 1994. That initiative amended the Grants Pass City Charter to prevent persons being granted special class status by the city on the basis of homosexual activity. Next Jack was a chief petitioner for an initiative to improve our system of selecting our public servants -- the YES! Initiative -- as a part of his continuing fight on behalf of Oregonians.    

    He also has a proposed replacement County Charter that he intends to promote.  (You can see that initiative and the proposed charter, and his platform in detail as you move from plank to plank of his platform at this website)

The Political Mechanic!

    Jack is not just a talker, he is a doer. Jack has the knowledge, integrity, and the experience to serve you in the halls of government. Take a close look at his platform and study his world view as you follow the links through his website. If you agree with him, you will want to give him your vote and your support.

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