Creating a "grass-roots" American political party:

         What do we mean by "grass-roots"?  We mean that it is close to the ground, tightly interlocked, and without a highly visible central control.  (The central control is genetic, not autocratic!)  

         I have drafted what I see as a model constitution and bylaws for such an organization from the perspective of an individual state which has political subdivisions called precincts and counties. This model is based on certain political premises:  (1) government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed, (2) those closest to the problems are best at solving them, (3) if people have a pattern to follow they are more likely to take initiative, and (4) those who care enough to be involved should be the ones who make the decisions!  The party name could be changed to anything from Libertarian to Progressive, and references to the State of Oregon could be changed to what ever state in which you are resident.  It finds its source in a subset of the group of electors in Oregon involved in the atempt to mold a "bottoms up" party out of the efforts to place Ross Perot on the ballot in 1992, and it reflects a personal reaction against the thwarting of that attempt by those who had other ambitions and subsequently facilitated the transfer of its politcal power to the Reformed Party of Oregon.  

         Hark, I have found the Party I've been looking for!!!!  It is the Constitution Party of Oregon, which is an affiliate of a national party, the Constitution Party (formerly known as the US Taxpayers Party)

         If you want to help, take a look at the Operator's Manual for a Grassroots Political Party.  It will give you a feel for what we want to achieve and our underlying philosophy.

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