Re establish Oregon's State Sovereignty

         The Bill of Rights, Amendment X, is the most grievously ignored part of the entire Constitution. Every state was to come into the union on equal footing with the original nine that put it into force. It is time that the spirit of that union be practiced again.

         The original states entered into the union voluntarily.  They were sovereign states acting on behalf of their respective citizens. They created the union -- the union didn't create them! (Subsequently joining states -- whether by treaty or petition, as in the case of Texas and California, or by organization of territory -- were accepted by acts of Congress that declared their equal footing with those previously united.)  The states were made certain guarantees by that contractual relationship: They were reserved all powers not delegated to the federal union or not prohibited them by the contract forming the federal union. They were also guaranteed a republican form of government and assistance in the face of invasion or insurrection.

         Now the States are viewed as creatures of the Union, subservient to it in every way by loose construction of the terms of the contract. The States no longer place themselves in the position to block the tyrannical  exercise of unconstitutional powers assumed by our federal Union. The State of Oregon must assert its lawful sovereignty on behalf of its citizens.