Make Criminals Pay Restitution To Victims, Not To The Government

         Government shouldn't profit from criminal activity and the good people in society should have no net gain from the suppression of criminals!  Every aspect of justice should be geared to restoring the prior condition of the victim at the expense of the victimizer and to deter like offenses by the same person or any other person.  Making criminals pay fines and locking them up does nothing for the victims of their assault.  Incarceration should be only used until a verdict has been reached for those charged with capital offenses.  It should never be used in a punitive manner.

         The Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of government should be funded solely by those who benefit. There is a very real benefit to society when criminal activity is deterred, a benefit worth paying for, and one that is equally valuable to every member of society.  When the apprehension of criminals provides a monetary incentive to those apprehending them, the desire to preserve the goose that lays the golden egg is stronger than the desire to protect those who are pecked by that goose.

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