You have just seen an eleven to twelve week old baby fetus model in the palm of an adult hand.  I am hereby making it clear that I absolutely will defend all innocent life, born or unborn.  In the words of the current platform of the Constitution Party of Oregon which I helped to draft: 

God is the Creator of life. Human life is sacred because it is created in the image of God. It begins at conception in a state of innocence regardless of the circumstances of conception. The protection of innocent life is the first duty of civil government. Each person, born or unborn, is innocent until proven guilty to the satisfaction of a jury of his peers. Abortion is a crime against God, humanity, and the unborn child. Medical treatment to preserve the life of the mother must always attempt to preserve the unborn as well.

We call on our public servants in all branches and at all levels of government to repudiate the contrary decision in Roe vs. Wade and to resist any attempts to recognize or enforce the "legalization" of abortion, infanticide, or euthanasia. We commit ourselves to the elevation of individuals to elected and appointed public offices that support this position without exception.

One of the very first things I will attempt to accomplish as a Josephine County Commissioner will be the adoption of a resolution recognizing personhood as beginning at conception, with attendant penalties for violating equal protection of all persons under the US Constitution.  I will be proactive, not reactive, not a foot dragger personally, but a foot scorcher of others who are not true to their oath or their campaign promises.  

For absolute clarity of my position:  I am 100% pro life when it comes to abortions and infanticide.  I will not punish you, if you attempt to commit suicide, but I will try to talk you out of it and I consider anyone who assists you to be guilty of murder.

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